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Post  Raph on Tue Jan 22, 2008 4:13 am


The MTG Players' Union has been formed after the 2008 PT structure has been announced. It is gathering players from all over the world, from Hardcore Pros to competitive players at a lower level. Us players and WotC officials have the same goal: we all love the game and want it to be as enjoyable as possible, for everyone.

With our experience and distance we have as players, we see our game differently from how WotC officials do. We feel that WotC is missing our point of view when they are making important decisions.

We would like to have some influence on some of WotCís decisions, especially when they affect us badly. With the support of a whole community, we hope to be able to voice our opinions and work together with WotC to keep enjoying Magic for as long as possible.

To show your support, do not just read the forum, register. The more people are registered here, the more our voice will have credibility.

Long live MTG,


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