Suggested Questions for Wizards in KL

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Suggested Questions for Wizards in KL

Post  plarp on Tue Jan 29, 2008 4:07 pm

Since the union will have its first chance to speak to Wizards officially in a couple of weeks in Malaysia, we should probably have some questions ready to ask!

I feel an important first step is to ask Wizards for an idea of the source of their financial troubles - facts they are unlikely to disclose in any detail for business reasons, but even in broad strokes it could be useful. I was under the impression that MTG and especially MTGO was very profitable, though I may be wrong. Are the deficits related to the pro tour, or even to magic? Or is the tour the unfortunate victim of something else's losses, like Dreamblade? Wizards (both Brand and R&D) understands the importance of the pro tour I'm sure. Without our Pros slinging goyfs at the top tables, they wouldn't have so many hopefuls shelling out for Future Sight packs, or funding the secondary market to do the same. This is one of the simple reasons behind their investment in the promotional tour.

Perhaps Wizards could be convinced that the long term profitability of magic encouraged by a healthy, popular, well attended and covered pro tour is more important than the short-term savings made by these changes? Then again, thinking about it in such simple terms I'm sure Wizards must already have done the same before making these decisions - though there's no harm in asking.

Everyone, please feel free to suggest questions for use at the meeting in KL in this thread; Raphael and everyone else representing us, please feel free to use or ignore the suggestions!


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Suggestions for Kuala Lumpur

Post  morgop on Thu Jan 31, 2008 8:40 pm

I agree that it's essential to identify the rationale for the changes. Fact finding should be a key goal in KL- much more so that communicating our plan to WOTC. The union has voiced many concerns regarding the impact of the changes, however it's difficult to formulate solutions without first understanding the motivations which led to the changes being implemented. We can guess, but we don’t truly know that these changes are financially related. It’s possible that WOTC is doing really well and these are simply someone’s pet project changes who simply didn’t realize the full impact. We have to first establish some transparency.

Icewolf wrote:
2. What are the figures, the costs/return factor of a PT?
Without those two, there is no way that anyone can make a precise decision on what to propose. And without one, no compromise can be made. Sure, you will try, but without that information, the whole statement will not have any weight with WoTC and more importantly, Hasbro.
I am sure WoTC knows exactly what the PTs are for the game, and that they do know about how everything is connected. The whole Pro Club and etc. are made to promote the stars of the game, to whom all look up to.

According to the e-mail that was sent out, there will be only one hour to discuss the changes with the powers of WOTC. That’s nowhere near enough time to lay out a plan to them. Questions should be formulated in advance that gets to the heart of ‘why’ so that the union can assemble afterward and formulate strategies to help Wizards achieve a mutually beneficial business plan. Those who are attending the meeting should discuss the situation with other players so that we can make the most of the time we have been granted.

Here are the key issues I see: Communication format & timing, # of PTs/GPs/PTQs, PT format support, locations supported by PTs/GPs, overall payout structure (including airfare), PT invites passing down at PTQs if otherwise-qualified players win, stabilizing PT payouts through the end of following season, JSS-type programs, long term stability and transparency of WOTC’s business plan.

It will likely prove impossible to get all of that, but all of these are important facets of the issue at hand.


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