Local People interested in helping out attendants of this event

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Local People interested in helping out attendants of this event

Post  Eelco1972 on Tue Feb 05, 2008 5:35 pm

Hey !

In this thread local people living near the venue of this event can come forward and identify themselves if they are interested in helping out players visiting their city to attend the tournament.

Please don't react to this thread if you are looking for a place to stay: we are all always looking for some local help, so let only people offering their help indentify themselves in this thread. You can write them a PM with your inquiries and that will allow the person posting to react only to the messages that are interesting.

Keep in mind: the people posting in this thread are providing a very nice service, so always be nice to them. If they don't react to your message than they have their reasons, so don't start whining in this thread. Keep it nice.

A note to potential people posting here: try to write down exactly what service you can provide. So, if you have a spare bedroom, try to tell something about the room, if you accept 1 or 2 other people sleeping on the floor, tell us a little bit about the distance to the venue and if it's possible to access the room later at night too.
Don't post any personal information on the forum and don't post telephonenumbers and emailaddresses.
Try to take care of further communication through the PM system of this website and also don't forget to update your initial post if you have found a user for the accomodation you offered, preferably in the same post, because that way everyone can see exactly what's the status of your room and it will allow people to stop PM'ing you. Hopefully. Smile

Thanks !

Eelco van Ruth

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Re: Local People interested in helping out attendants of this event

Post  Luke on Tue Feb 05, 2008 7:09 pm

This is a good idea!

I'm not near Birmingham but if I get any findings out I'll post them up here.

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